The Hermit and the Loner

He is alive and radiating a life energy that is coming from deep within, he doesn’t seek the world. The world seeks him

He is wretched, his heart is crying out. He is empty from the inside and seeks the world but the world doesent know he exists.

From a distance the Loner and the Hermit look the same. Both are alone and devoid of human contact.

But come a little closer to the perimeter and the differences scream out. 

The Hermit

He is complete, he is full, in total communion with the whole. He floats in the world like water on a lotus leaf, he understands the ephemeral nature of his worldly associations and knows that they don’t define him. He is full in himself and builds a layer of calm around him. This is his buffer zone, rather the bubble wrap that covers his soul. This silence is his realization that his physical attributes don’t really define him, nor do his life situations. He is what he is, a magical probability that came to be because of a mere chance. He is there witnessing the magic unfold. None of it defines him. He is the witness. This witnessing is the veneer that quotes him. This veneer makes him glow

The world looks at him with amazement, they ask him, What is it that you have? We want that? He smiles and moves on. Nothing is permanent, neither these people nor their opinions, everything is fleeting, he doesent grasp it, for he knows doing that would be ludicrous. He just can witness it, that’s it. He just witnesses it. 

The Loner

He despises his current state and craves for another pasture. He is longing for a contact. A connection that could complete his inadequacies, that could complete his polarity. Something that he could scream to the world and say,”This defines me.” But the world is not listening, it just doesent heed. The harder he runs toward it, the farther it seems to get away. He is soon losing his steam. With that he is losing his self respect. He hates himself even more. He is willing to have anything that will take him away from this state. He seeks a state of delirium, a suspended reality that can make him forget his current state. He has tried everything. All worldly intoxications, all seem to have given him only momentary relief. The temporary high is followed by a terrible after effect. The more he is trying them, the more he is getting sucked into this vortex.

 It all started when he saw someone get something that he didn’t have. He started running after that, to grasp it, he had to leave what he had in his hand. The run started, at the begining he had a grasp at it, a feeling of immense joy overcame him. As soon as he tried to grip harder it slipped away. He started running and has been running ever since. In this run slowly and steadily he lost those who were with him and seeked newer friends. But now the run has got the better of him. Those momentary acquaintances have slipped away. Off late the world is avoiding him. They just don’t seem to want him. He is not welcome. The spirit has seared thin. He has run his heart out and the thought of giving up and becoming a comatose vegetable has crossed him twice. “Let the world win, to hell with them, I give up…”  These are the words that are crowding his mind today.

What started off as a sprint, became a run and slowed into a walk. As the walk came to a strutter, he stopped and sat. As he looked back there was no one. The world was no where to be seen. What lay ahead was the sky. The ground had ended. There was a deep gorge ahead. As he sat thinking, he saw the hermit by his side.

He asked the hermit, “Why are you lonely??” The hermit turned around and said “Because I chose to be”. No sooner he could comprehend, the hermit walked away

The loner kept looking. The sky was on one end, and the gorge on the other. But he seemed to be looking at the hermit’s direction.

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