Holi- The message to Humanity


Millions of years ago the ultimate charmer was born. Our friend had a weird blue colour, the reason for which I won’t get into at this point. Playful as he was, there was a special someone in his life who teased him for his weird blue colour. After a point when he couldn’t take this any longer our friend confides in his mother, who tells him to colour the girl’s face with whatever colour he pleases. The man in question is Krishna of course and the girl is Radha. Thus began the legend of Brij ki holi.

The way I look at it is Radha got coloured in the colour of Krishna. The colour of love. The ultimate truth. A little metaphorical I might say. The colour of Holi also made them one.

If we look at this in the modern context, the message is so relevant. So many lives have been lost and so many civilizations finished because of manmade barriers of race, cast, creed, sexual orientation.

Each trying to prove one’s point more emphatically than the other. It has become so difficult for us today to stand a differing point of view.

Holi is a message to the entire humanity that all of us must be ready to take offence once in a while and once coloured all of us look the same. Once coloured you can’t differentiate an athiest from a thiest, a rightist from a leftist, a coloured person from a non coloured person, or gay from straight. Its a gentle reminder that love is the only true emotion which cares two hoots about these man made barriers and is the only thread that binds the entire humanity.

So let Holi be a reminder that once in a while you should let your hair down, lock in all those extreme views in your closet and just love everyone around. Take some offence for god sake, after all you are nothing more than a small dot in this magical cosmos.

Happy Holi